About Me

As a Licensed & Certified International Master Inspector®, I’ve performed inspections for four buyers that took a week to finish 4 homes that totalled $141.15M USD.

Before that, I was a home builder since 1994. It’s an honor working for my home-buying clients and helping them make smart decisions.

I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and we’re raising two lovely, intelligent boys that will one day take over my business. Feel free to contact me for anything, at anytime.

– I’m an expert on affordability and having an eye for problems.
– Properly trained with COVID, posted the information for it dealing with buyers & sellers.
– Former interior & exterior contractor since 1994 with legal experience.
– I am the most diversified & provide the most amount of ancillary inspections in the Ottawa & Gatineau regions.
– I’m qualified for 34 different inspections with 24 different services I can provide.
– I can teach you how to operate, maintain, save on renovation & energy costs.
– I include infrared scans on every inspection complimentary.
– If there are any problems developing, you’ll know the severity of them.

Why Work With Me

A home inspection can give you the perfect overview of the condition of the entire home. It can also highlight any major deficiencies. It’s important to hire Bent Nails Inspections to go through your home & ensure it’s safe, solid, and worth every penny you’re paying for it.


What’s included in my home inspections?

With Bent Nails Inspections you can expect the most thorough assessment of total home health and performance that guides you to buy better, sell better or improve better. That includes:

Roof inspection
– Complete interior finish assessment
– HVAC review (heating, cooling, and ventilation)
– Electrical inspection
– Plumbing inspection
– And a structural review from foundation to roofline

A Bent Nails Inspection report, delivered within the same day, will provide you with a comprehensive document to make an informed decision on your existing or future home. At Bent Nails Inspections, I believe in bringing the highest quality and being completely transparent with each of my clients. I go above minimum code to conduct the most thorough home inspection you can get.

Trusted by my clients, I strive to continue to make it better.

Client Reviews

The quality of our services is worth more than their prices.
I stay in business because my integrity towards clients cannot be changed, I work only for that paying customer and no one else. I can’t thank each client enough for the feedback they’ve given. These let you know you’re hiring quality.
I have been purchasing three houses from different builders so far, and took the first time to bring a professional inspector for 1 year Tarion Warranty of one brand new house. Darren is a very professional home inspector showing me very kind explanations and prompt responses for my questions. He is offering a reasonable cost for inspection service and the most professional and comprehensive report. While working with him, I have realized the main reason that people (home owner or prospective buyers no matter of the age of your houses) need a inspector, even for the brand-new houses these days are required to go through more diligently. I am willing to recall him for the next house sooner, and believe that Darren's experiences in the business will allow me to learn about fundamental knowledges on a home's inspection as well as maintenance in a good way. Thanks Darren. See you again.
Jay Patel
Jay Patel
I am very happy with Home Inspection done by Darren. I would surely recommend Darren!!
Cameron Cousins
Cameron Cousins
Darren gave honest, great feedback with inexpensive repair suggestions. Comments included ideas to bring the home to current building code standards.
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott
Recently used Darren for a home inspection. Very thorough in his process. Outlines everything both good and bad. Excellent home inspection report. Lots of pictures and how to's. Lovely guy.
Suman P
Suman P
I recommend Darren for all new homeowners because he is owner friendly and very detailed oriented in terms of inspecting your home for deficiencies. He has a vast experience and knows the builder deficiencies beforehand. He has tremendous knowledge and shares his wisdom with his clients pretty well. I had a best overall experience with his home inspection.
John Kwong
John Kwong
Very knowledgeable and thorough inspection done with pride and professionalism. Very Impressive!
Courteous. Attention to details. Heavily detailed and clear report. Will indubitably be asked again to review the work of contractors on my property.

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