Project Description

Tree & Landscape Inspection


Starting at $149 ($60 if inspection is included)


  • Explain the levels of risk assessment
  • Perform ground inspections
  • Perform trunk inspections
  • Perform canopy inspections
  • Describe and identify insects and diseases that affect trees
  • Describe effects of trees on or around a house
  • Determine tree fire dangers
  • Check electrical line hazards with trees
  • Generate important points about inspecting trees
  • Take images of trees and their conditions
  • Create an opinion as to a tree’s condition
  • Write a report based upon an inspection of a tree

As a home inspector, you should always defer to a specialist when it comes to anything outside the scope of your knowledge or expertise. In the case of trees, that specialist would be me then a certified arborist. I will help before taking that path to save you money.

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