For most people, buying a new home is a fairly simple process, finding the right home, having the home inspected for defects or structural damage. However when searching for a home for someone with disabilities, physical and sight impairments, or the elderly, the criteria changes and it becomes more difficult to choose the right home that will provide room for maneuverability, wheelchair access, and in home accessibility issues. It is very unlikely that you will find your ideal house was specifically made or designed for a disabled person so some modifications are unavoidable. But try to find a home that requires the least amount of modifications as possible. In order to do this you will need to thoroughly investigate each home you are considering to avoid unnecessary renovations.

This is where a Bent Nails can assist & help you the most. You and your appointed home inspector should keep the following criteria in mind when searching for a home to suit your needs.

People with disabilities have special needs and those needs must be addressed when looking for, or buying a home for a disabled person as a home is one of the biggest investments most people will make in their lifetime, choosing the wrong home can be a disaster!

All the rooms should be wheelchair accessible including the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom. A walk in wardrobe is also suggested for easy accessibility. Bent Nails Inspection shouldn’t be your 2nd choice, its your first priority when buying a home for a disability.
Bent Nails is exceptionally knowledgeable with disabilities and construction. I can be very helpful in giving recommendations and suggestions or finding problems that may cause inconveniences for disabilities in the future

What is an Accessibility Inspection?

An accessibility inspection covers the most common technical accessibility deficiencies and barriers including:

  • Parking;
  •  Accessible doors & entrances;
  •  Window safety;
  •  Route of travel and walking surfaces;
  • Ramps, curb-cuts, and curb-ramps (Exterior & Interior showers or rooms);
  • Clear floor space for wheelchair maneuverability;
  • Flooring choices;
  • Kitchen & Bathroom faucets;
  •  restrooms;
  •  Shower Bench; and
  •  elevators.

This inspection service may be ordered in conjunction with a standard inspection or offered as a separate, stand-alone service. Every project & person is dealt with differently.